Nerd Parenting Done Right

It Begins.

It Begins.

And so begins the great social experiment that has been in the back of our minds for the past ten years…

Yesterday we learned that Brittany is pregnant.

We get to see what happens when you take the Kurz and Lunsford genes and smash them together. We get to see what kind of parents we will be, what kind of kid we can raise, and try to avoid the mistakes that our parents made.
At this point, we are being cautiously optimistic. We’ve told the roommates and a few friends, and it’s interesting that everyone else seems so much more excited than we are.
Here’s what we know so far:
  • She’s probably currently about 5-6 weeks pregnant.
  • According to her app, that means conception was likely on 12/6.
  • 9 Months puts the kid right at a due date of 8/28 (or 3 days before dragoncon).
  • All travel for the second half of the year is totally out the window.
  • Hopefully we’ll make it in to see the OBGYN before our cruise in a few weeks.
Yesterday was nothing more than shock and quick blood work at the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. Today feels more overwhelming, as I’m very quickly learning that I need to quickly learn a lot!
Written by Kevin in January 13, 2016

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